Solving the problem of baldness is a lucrative business dealt with by more and more industries – from medicine to the wig industry and cosmetology. The pursuit of easy profit means that we can find many unreliable “specialists” on the market, providing services at a questionable level. Unfortunately, this trend also applies to scalp micropigmentation clinics. Therefore, it is imperative to do a detailed research before choosing the treatment site. Below are some basic factors to consider when looking for a micropigmentation clinic.

  • Experience

Only experienced professionals will provide us with the highest level of services. We are consciously writing about professionals, not about the clinics themselves. The market is very liquid – new brands are constantly being created, and individual specialists change employers or start their own businesses. Therefore, it is worth checking the staff at the micropigmentation clinic when it is relatively new. It is good if the people performing the procedure have undergone several years of training and have considerable professional experience. Of course, the last thing is difficult to verify – dishonest “specialists” may deliberately lie about the achievements and qualifications. To separate the truth from the false, you can consider the opinions of clients who have performed undergone the procedure by the given person in the past. Again, note that “SPECIALIST” should be a significant warning signal for us.

  • Treatment effects

Nothing appeals to the imagination better than an image. When we do not know what to expect from a given scalp micropigmentation clinic, we often want to verify the effects of its activities in the form of photos or videos. Professional institutions, aware of their skills, are very transparent in these matters and place the results of the treatments on their websites. It is worth avoiding clinics that do not have any visual materials. Ignore the clinic if these materials are weak or – horrifyingly – copied from other websites. For skeptics, who are not even appreciated by the best photographs and recordings, there is always the option of visiting a clinic and seeing everything “live.”

  • Treatment costs

It cannot be denied that a well-performed micropigmentation procedure is an expensive pleasure. In the long run, however, it pays off more than any kind of transplant, hair system, or pharmaceuticals. However, many people do not take this factor into account when looking for savings at the beginning – when choosing a clinic. Mind that the approximate costs of the micropigmentation treatment oscillate around several thousand dollars. This amount may vary depending on the degree of baldness, but overall it is much more attractive than the offers of foreign institutions. It would be best if you watched out for clinics that offer pigmentation of the entire head for small amounts, e.g., $1000 – $2000. It is also risky to agree to a free demonstration procedure – especially in clinics that are “on their way,” which do not have an established position in the industry.

So, what should a center of excellence in scalp micropigmentation have?

  1. SMP Training Certification
  2. Practitioner license 
  3. Health permit 
  4. Clean and sterile environment 
  5. Packed needles, to be opened in front of the customer
  6. Barrier protection during treatment (nitrile gloves and protectors on the SMP treatment device, among others)


So the best place to take scalp micropigmentation treatment (SMP) is the one that has a hefty experience, a good portfolio, a pleasant environment, and, nonetheless, the best price. Overall we can say that: 


Remember that micropigmentation of the scalp is not a tattoo on the arm, which in case of failure, we will hide under the blouse. The scalp tattoo needs to be done in the best possible place by an experienced professional.

At scalp micropigmentation clinics they have successfully succeeded in getting thousands of patients to project the look of a full head of hair. All our specialists are fully insured and have undergone rigorous training to be the best in the market. We’ve built a reputation as the “go-to” center for the most natural optical results thanks to this innovative treatment.

So, call now and speak to our caring staff, or fill out the online form for a free, no-obligation consultation. You won’t regret it!